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Initially, when I started off, I began with shopfitting and cabinet making in the construction industry, soon after the completion of my apprenticeship, I discovered a new passion for building houses. I crossed between the two and gained a trade qualification in carpentry. Over time, I honed my skills and used it to secure and execute contracts in Dubai and built green houses in the desert. A few years later, I relocated to Lae, Papua New Guinea where I ran a team of 80 men building industrial warehouses and a multi-level office block attached to a small wholesale supermarket. I spent over three years there, and I spent my nights studying online to obtain my Cert IV Building and Construction, and during weekends I explored the country on dirt bikes with the Morobe Motorcycle Club aka the MMC.

Upon my return home, I was employed as a Project Manager for a building company that specialised in insurance works, Government housing projects and renovations. Shortly after they developed a high-end style of granny flat which I was fortunate enough to be involved in the project, from the sales and concept through to estimating and then building… It was here that I realised I had more to give and the only way to grow was to get out there on my own.

Envision Building Group was started with a mission in mind; I wanted to build a culture within a company of professionals that look forward to coming to work each day. Providing a service to the community and striving to be the surgeon within my niche. With our focus for 2019 on sustainable growth and structuring processes around the team to produce better quality and performance which will lead to happier clients and the ultimate goal of zero defects and 100% satisfaction.

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