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Commercial asbestos audits of properties

The new legislation for asbestos management in the workplace calls for persons with control of workplaces to comply with the new Code of Practises – How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace and How to Safely Remove Asbestos. All State Governments have agreed to this code.

Sect 425 of the WHS Regulations require that all properties constructed up to 31 December 1989 are required to have an asbestos register created for that property.

A person with management control of the workplace, is a person who has control of premises used as a workplace, this person with control may be.  In some cases , there may be more than 1 person with management or control of a workplace.

For example :

• Where a person with management of a workplace is a tenant.

• A person with control of a workplace has the power to make decisions and changes to the structure and use of the workplace. This person will usually be the owner of the workplace or a representative of the owner and may:

- Own the workplace and engage workers to carry out the work there.

- Own the workplace but lease it to another person conducting a business or undertaking at the workplace.

- Have management or control over the workplace, for example a property management group or agent.

Due to the new legislation persons with management or control of the workplace have a duty of care to,

• Control the risk of exposure in the workplace from asbestos.

• That any asbestos in the workplace is identified or assumed.

• That you identify the presence of asbestos and its location.

• Develop an asbestos register.

• Create and develop an asbestos management plan.

• In the case of refurbishment or demolition they must supply or obtain a copy of an asbestos register or engage a competent person to determine the presence of asbestos in the workplace prior to commencing any works.

If asbestos is identified in the building;

The owner (or the owners rep) is required to create, document and implement an asbestos management plan in accordance with the code of practise on How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace.

The purpose of an asbestos register.

Is to take reasonable steps to locate, identify and  determine the condition of any asbestos material found in the buildings, plant or equipment, so as to minimise the potential for exposure to anyone working on the site being exposed to asbestos dust/fibres.

Residential asbestos audits of your home

As a general rule, if your home was built;

• Before the mid 1980's, it is highly likely that it would have materials containing asbestos.

• Between the mid 1980's and 1990's, it is likely that it would have materials containing asbestos.

• After 1990, it is highly unlikely it would have materials containing Asbestos.

If you are unsure that a material contains asbestos,  assume it does. Alternately, you can get advice from your asbestos consultant or get the sample tested by a NATA approved laboratory. There are many items in the home that may contain asbestos.

There are many types of asbestos materials in the home, and some of these could be;

Super six roof sheeting, asbestos shingles, bonded wall sheeting, soffit and gable sheeting, various types of fencing material, types of vinyl & sheet flooring, roof insulation, ceiling insulation (Vermiculite), wiring insulation, fuse boxes, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Before starting any renovation or demolition it is very important to create an asbestos awareness and identify any asbestos materials within your home. You can then organise an appropriate asbestos removalist to remove the ACM material, minimising any long term asbestos exposure to your family in the future.

Asbestos sample testing

Asbestos Auditing provides an asbestos testing sampling service that allows you to determine whether asbestos is present in any suspected asbestos products such as fibro sheeting, soffit eave liners, corrugated roof sheeting and vinyl flooring. These are just some examples of products that contain asbestos. This service is open to both commercial and residential/domestic customers.

At Asbestos Auditing we only use NATA accredited laboratory analysis. Normal turnaround time is  approx. 48–72 hours from receipt of the sample.

Only a competent person can safely take the samples for analysis because of the increased risk of fibres being released during the process.

Asbestos testing

Asbestos removal

We have extensive experience over years of removing both bonded and friable asbestos material to both commercial and residential properties.

We have undertaken both large and small scale removals all over Queensland and New South Wales. The dedication of our removal staff ensues compliance and thoroughness in the way we handle and manage our asbestos removals.

We are happy to quote on your asbestos removal requirements.


Asbestos removal