Envision Building Group guarantee

Brad Paull – Envision Building Group Director

Constant communication
Once the construction starts, we will keep you updated with weekly emails regarding the current progress, any variations or problems encountered and we will reach out to you when necessary on your phone.

Your peace of mind
With Envision Building Group you receive the best in terms of quality and professional service, each material used is entirely original and we use each material dedicated to its use to ensure the best is achieved from the project. We run a team of highly trained and qualified staff and truly, your mind can finally rest knowing your job is handled by the best in the field.

Safe working conditions
Our staff is well equipped with safety gear and fully trained in all safety procedures.

Our fixed contract price will remain the same providing no alteration is made by you the client and if any changes are to be made then a written variation will be completed and signed off by all parties before the works begin.

We remain committed to bringing you the best; we work closely with our clients to ensure all their specifications are fully met. Over time, we have built a secure network of clientele based on our past dealings with them, and we are proud to own quite a number, regardless we are keen to develop more relationships.

Quality control
Throughout each stage, our quality control measures are properly tested with our in-house checklist which is designed to exceed the industry’s standards from start to completion.



Brad Paull – Envision Building Group Director
Brad Paull – Envision Building Group Director